Vlad Studzinsky — PM


Business Manager

Since 2013

Experienced and driven manager with a diverse background in IT, business and industrial & occupational safety. Proficient in negotiating with top-level clients, investors, and leading the establishment of businesses in both the real sector and IT startups. Held roles as Owner, Product Owner and Project Manager. Successfully led teams of 3-12 programmers and 5-15 not-programmers with a proven ability to get things done.

Software Developer

Since 2006

Technical expertise in Python/Django, with additional skills in Swift/SwiftUI and Svelte.js


SPb Local Group of Companies

Since 2022 | CFO

Negotiate with investors, develop improvement and investment plans and manage finances, debts, refinancing, etc. Orchestrating the development of a financial and production statistics systems with freelancers/contracted programmers.

Overpool startup

2020 – 2022 | CTO, Software Architect, Developer

Conceived the idea of a bitcoin mining proxy with DeFi features in Ethereum/BSC/Polygon networks. Secured investments, devised software plans and architecture, and led the development team in roles of CTO/PM/PO.


2018 – 2022 | CEO, Co-Founder

Established a successful real economy sector business from scratch. Began as a B2B company in industrial and garage automation, expanded to include customs import-export. Achieved the ranking of №2 in Rostov Region in our market sector in 3 years and Top-250 Exporters of Rostov Region in 4 years.

Safety Technologies

2013 – 2023 | Supervisor, HSE Software Architect

Worked in a consulting company — the member of British Safety Council from its inception to its conclusion. Assumed diverse roles, ranging from HSE expert/consultant to IT project management. Built SaaS solutions for clients to enhance joint project work. Engaged in discussions with client managers about requirements, implementation, budgeting, deadlines and contractor selection for project realization.


Donetsk Technical University

2006 – 2010 — Bachelor's Degree in Mechanics

2010 – 2011 — Specialist’s Degree in Management


Digital Fabrication (IoT)

2023 | Django, REST, Arduino, Open CV

As CFO, devised a digitalization plan for our factories to enhance the quality of financial reports. Authored tech requirements, budgeted, sourced contractors, and oversaw implementation.

Gazprom Neft: Association of Contractors

2017 | Django, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis

Created a web service for collaborative development and storage of up-to-date internal documentation and standards with contractors of Gazprom Neft. Managed full implementation and provided comprehensive support and coordination for several years.

SafetyAudits ERP

2018 | Django, GeoDjango, Leafet, ElasticSearch, Celery

Implemented a ticket-based mobile safety audits system with GIS, Multi-Tenant support, Dashboards, Notifications, Legislation, and Workflows between different departments.


Project Manager

Middle Level

I'm extremely good in three things: 1. Systematization 2. Digging into complicated things 3. Keeping in mind business goals.

  • Comand building
  • Negotiation
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Risk Assessment
  • Agile
  • Waterfall

Tech. Skills

  • Python
  • REST
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Web3